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Which Glass is Best For Champagne?

Whether you are staying in or going out this New Years eve, we wanted to share with you some thoughts on the best type of glass for enjoying Champagne.


Champagne flutes are lovely for viewing the delicate fine bubbles of Champagne, signifying celebration and synonymous with weddings and parties.  While we have certainly enjoyed our fair share of Champagne in flutes, they are not usually favored with wine professionals or in tasting settings because the narrow opening does not allow you to enjoy the aroma of the Champagne before you take your first sip. 

See our guide on how to open and pour Champagne, remembering when using flutes to tilt the glass to 45 degrees so you don’t cause an avalanche of bubbles.  


Champagne coups are gorgeous and fun, our most exquisite coups are from Japanese artisan Haruya Hiroshima’s glassware collection.  We discovered these at Roman and Williams Guild. The diamond and dreamy star pattern is cut and polished by hand - functional art to be treasured and enjoyed on special occasions.

We also collect budget friendly mismatched vintage coups for parties, our guests enjoy the variety of colors and retro styles.   

One thing to note on coups is the taste experience is quite different. Because of the wide shape you get a very wide sip and the Champagne rolls to the outside edges of your tongue where the taste buds pick up more acidity/sour notes. vs the front middle section of the tongue that detects sweet.

Still tastes good to you?  No need to overthink it, go ahead and enjoy your Champagne in a coup! 


The tulip shape allows you to place your nose inside the glass and enjoy the smell of Champagne before you sip.  These gorgeous tulips pictured left are from Baccarat crystal handmade in France.

While a traditional Champagne flute can be filled ¾ full, these tulip shapes can be deceivingly large.  Fill no more than ⅓ or you will find a bottle doesn’t go very far!  

White Wine Glass

A white wine glass with a 9 oz bowl is excellent for Champagne.  Crystal is preferred and opt for a fine rim around the top of the glass that feels light and delicate on your lips.  We use Riedel riesling, pictured right, or Lehmann white wine glasses for all of our tasting events.  

For each of these glass types it's best to hold by the stem and avoid touching the rim or bowl so that you don't warm the Champagne or make the glass dirty with prints.

Rêveuse grower Champagnes are luxurious, uniquely crafted and incredibly delicious. Whatever your preferred style, a beautiful glass can certainly enhance the sensory experience! Happy New Year.

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