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Is Rêveuse Natural Champagne?

To be certified grower producer champagne ‘Récoltant Manipulant’ the grower producer must abide by strict regulations, farming the grapes and making the Champagne on their own property.  Grower producers by nature, have small eco-systems in place that are biodynamic, taking care of their land for future generations.  In addition, all grapes in the Champagne region must be harvested by hand. 

And while the farming and production of Champagne is inherently natural, there is no official rule book on what defines a Champagne as natural.  At Rêveuse we follow principles to ensure our Champagnes can be considered natural.  We abide by Isabelle Legeron’s Raw Wine Charter of Quality.  Isabelle is a highly regarded master of wine and champion of the Natural wine industry.  Important aspects of the charter are:

1. No sulfite totals may exceed 70 mg/L regardless of color or style.

2. The Champagne is vegan – nothing coming from an animal is used at any stage in the production. 

3. No ‘heavy-manipulation’ using winemaking gadgetry such as reverse osmosis

4. No sterile filtration or pasteurization.

In addition to the Raw Wine charter of quality we ensure the grower producers we work with are certified under France’s HEV – high environmental value certification system.

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