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Biodynamic Farming in Champagne

Biodynamic farming in Champagne means the land is farmed with minimal inputs in the best way for the total environment, protecting not only the health of the vines but soil, water and surrounding forests.  Rêveuse grower producer partners do not use herbicides but allow natural ground cover to grow.  Delphine Colin of Champagne Colin describes the ground betwen their vines as 'lush and alive with diverse greenery; grasses, herbs and flowers'. 

Encouraging natural ground cover means soil nutrients are spread between the vines and the other greenery, so the vines yield less but higher quality fruit.  It is better and more natural for the environment than spraying herbicides to kill weeds. Producing less but higher quality fruit means better tasting Champagne.  So, biodynamic farming is a better method for grower producers who control and make their own delicious Champagne vs growers who sell their fruit in bulk and therefore aim to maximize the volume of fruit they produce.    

Rêveuse is always certified grower producer Champagne marked by the RM stamp on the front of our label.  RM stands for Recoltant Manipulant (to farm and make) vs the larger houses that purchase grapes in bulk are NM Negotiant Manipulant (buy and make).  To be a certified grower producer they must own the land they grow grapes on.  This means, by nature they have a vested interest in the long term goal to take care of the precious soil for future generations along with the short term yearly goal of harvesting high quality grapes.  Elsewhere in corporatized agriculture you can see the near term goals of harvesting the most fruit each year override the longer term goal of environmental conservation.  

All irrigation systems are forbidden in the Champagne region by regulation so all Champagne producers must depend only on natural water from the soil and rain without energy consuming irrigation.  And all grapes are harvested by hand.    

 Rêveuse works with grower producers who are HEV certified, or in the multi year process for France's highest level of environmental certification in agriculture.

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